Ye Olde Towne of Forest Haven! Relax, chat and make some new friends here.
Ye Old Towne

Map InfoEdit

Type of Map Number of Monsters Number of BossesMin Char LvL to Join
Town 0 0 1

NPC ListEdit

NameLevelJob TypeOther Details
Rorin/aInfo NpcInfo on starting,purchasing and getting past lvl13
Zharan/aInfo NpcRandom Info
Bennu the Tradern/aTraderSells low lvl Arc and War items
Elli the Enchantressn/aTraderSells pots and magic items
Ethann/aInfo NpcRandom info
Sirinn/aInfo NpcRandom info
Gobin/aInfo NpcRandom info
Ozz the Merchantn/aTraderSells a wide variety of items
Vietn/aInfo NpcRandom info
Emiln/aInfo NpcRandom info
Amiran/aStash NpcNpc used to access stash
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