The Ursan are capable of two play styles—DPS, or damage per second, and Tank.



As DPS, the player will most often have a two-handed Warrior weapon such as a great sword or hammer equipped. Some players choose to use a one-handed weapon and shield, and some even increase their Dexterity or Intelligence enough to use bows, crossbows, or staffs (this is least common). The general idea of being DPS is to just hack-and-slash to kill as fast as possible. There is no serious pressure as for how fast a single player or group kills, other than the extended use of potions or chance of using up all of your or your groups mana.


As a Tank, the general idea is to try and get everything to remain attacking you (refered to as keeping aggro or threat). This is slightly more difficult than in other games since there is no major threat mechanic other than pure damage in which the Elves and Avian will easily overpower you with their vast AoE, or area of effect, abilities. That being said, unless the Tank is vastly higher in level than his group, the only thing you can do is just keep using your taunting abilities (such as Taunt and Beckon), and just go ahead and hack-and-slash your enemies down. There are now a total of 265 attribute points to be gained while trying to reach level 50.

Popular Specs
Spec and function






Tank 177/52/base




Melee DPS ? ?

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