Potions are special drinks that you can buy with either gold or platinum for the character you have selected. The two most common types of potion are health potions and mana potions. Potions give your character a bonus, depending on the type of potion you drink. To drink a potion tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

Types of PotionsEdit

  • Health potion: heals your character.
  • Mana potion: gives your character mana points.
  • Damage potion: boosts your characters damage.
  • Armor potion: boosts your characters armor.
  • Speed potion: makes your character move faster.
  • Experience potion: boosts the amount of experience you receive.

Duration of PotionsEdit

All the potions (except for mana and health potions) last for five minutes. Mana and Health potions are one-shot potions and are consumed immediately after you tap the icon.

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