Pocket Legends Wiki

The five jobs in Pocket legends are:

  • The Tank- Traditionally a role filled by the Bears, the tanks sole reason for existence is to soak up as much damage as possible for his or her allies. A tank should always build his character for armor, dodge, health, and health regen. Dodge isn't a key factor early game due to the low damage of the beginning enemies and health isn't an issue yet either for the same reason. A good tank should be about 5m infront of the rest of the team and have a Rushing archer or mage with them at front. Behind should be a healer and recurve/crossbow archer so there is back up damage. Taunt is the most important ability for a tank because it takes the agro of all the enemies within an area.
  • The DPS (Damage Per Second)- The DPS is all about, well, DPS. A DPS has to get as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. The best type of weapon for a DPS is a dagger for the extremely fast  attack speed. DPS players should choose archers because of the massive crit buff, dodge buff, and damage. The DPS should be with the tank at the front line.
  • The Spell-caster- Spell-casters need to have high ability power. To get higher ability power you will need to specialize in the pure int build. Spell-casters do the highest amount of AOE (Area of Effect) damage in the WHOLE LEGENDS SERIES. Spell casters need to have their critical chance very high and use a staff (usually). Spell casters can be behind the bear on with the bear at the front lines depending on how squishy the mage is.
  • Healer- Every dungeon fight needs one! The Healer heals and revives (duh) its partners. The healer can battle too, but the ability power won't be as powerful as a spell caster and the attacks wont have the same range either. This role is played by an Enchantress or Palidan because neither the archer nor the bear has a single support ability (team buff/heal). The healer should always be behind the tank.
  • The Rusher- This role is usually taken up by higher level players in dungeon fights. The player takes and applies mostly all of the damage. Any class can be this if their DPS, Dodge, Armor and Damage is high enough. These players usually fight alone. The rusher can, however, work with a team by either going infront of the bear then falling back for heals or be with the bear and provide ranged DPS. The rusher can either be a recurve/longbow archer or a wand/staff mage. To be a rusher, you'll mostly need dodge and damage. Dodge so that you wont be hit in the rush and damage so you can clear all the enemies.