M/s: mana gained per second, calculated from bonuses on armor and weapons worn and INT level.

H/s: health gained per second, caluculated from bonuses on armor and weapons worn and STR level.

Tank: character that can take alot of damage and has a alot of health that can also pull all of the enemies

DPS: Damage Per Second. The amount of damage done over a period of time, calculated out.

Gtg/g2g: Got to go.

Brb: Be right back.

Bbl: Be back later.

Rev,Rez: Revive, means a player wants an enchantress to come and cast the revive spell on them.

PvP: Player vs Player fighting.

PvE: Player vs Environment.

Paladin: Mage with strength items and attributes.

Twink: Player who has all the best gear for their level.

Noob: Someone who has played the game for a while and should know better.

Newb: A new player that usually does not know much.

OOM: Out of Mana.

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