Items will help you to defeat your enemies in Pocket Legends. They can increase your character's attributes, provide protection and increase the damage of your attack.

Characters can carry up to 50 items initially and can purchase more slots using Platinum. Items need to be equipped to gain their benefit.


Items are color-coded by their rarity:

  • Dark Purple - Elite
  • Pink - Legendary
  • Purple - Epic
  • Green - Rare
  • Orange - Uncommon
  • White - Common
  • Grey - Trash

Items are dropped enemies when they are killed, given as rewards in quests and can be traded as well. You can also buy items from stores spread out over the world map (although, this is not recommended as items from stores are generally worse than dropped items).

Purple and Pinks are colors usually only dropped by bosses and sub-bosses, but on occasion, a normal enemy may drop a pink or purple item. The stats of an item improve as its color goes up, so a Legendary item will have better stats than a Non-legendary item of the same Lvl.

Types of ItemsEdit

There are five types of item that can be equipped:


Helmets provide protection by increasing the armor stat.


Weapons do damage to enemies, you can choose to have one or fight with your fists.


Armor provides protection by increasing the armor stats.


Shields provide protection by increasing the armor stat. Shields cannot be equipped with two-handed or dual-wield weapons.

Vanity ItemsEdit

Vanity items are decorative items that can be bought for Platinum, dropped by enemies or awarded for completing Quests.

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