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An Elf Enchantress

“The Elves are ancient, mystical beings who wield the terrifying powers of nature to soothe their friends and humiliate their enemies. Elves are the finest spell-casters in the realm by casting power magic.


The Elf or Enchantress class is an Int-based class with strong magic and healing abilities. The default weapon is a staff.


Enchantress as a Mage:

The Mage is also known as a "Nuke" mage, basically one who focuses in dealing damage. While some may have lower level healing or other utility skills, others may only focus their Skill Points on damaging abilities such as Ice Storm, Firestorm and so on.

Enchantress as a Healer:

The Healer is just that—someone who focuses in healing. As a Healer, the player will sit back and throw out healing spells. Also, the Healer may use buffs such as Blessing of Vitality and Blessing of Might, it is usually the Healer's job to resurrect others.

Enchantress as a Debuffer:

Since the number of healing abilities are limited, those who choose to be a Debuffer might spend Skill Points to possess utility skills such as Weakness and Nightmare or even lower level damaging skills to weaken the oppenent. Frankly speaking, the Debuffer is the exact opposite of the Healer.

{C}Enchantress as a Paladin:

The Paladin, or a more simplified and commonly used term "pally" , is a variation of the Enchantress that is less understood. Generally, the player will increase Warrior Attribute Points and wear Warrior armor, thus becoming a Warrior that possesses healing and massive damaging abilities—or as players call them, Paladins.

Many of these also like to increase their Dexterity so as to be more accurate and to have a better chance at dodging attacks. Paladins work most effectively when using a quick weapon and a high armor shield. They can buff/heal themselves, debuff, and use spells on enemies to wreak havoc. However, a common problem with Paladins is that, due to their low Intelligence, many do not have adequate mana regeneration rates for their spells.


Icon Name Level Description
Frostbite 2 Freeze your target! Cost 20. +5 Damage, +1 sec. Freeze per rank.
[1] Lightning 3 Blast surrounding enemies with lightning! Cost 30. +10 Damage per rank.
Heal 4 Restore health! Cost 30. +10 Heal per rank.
[2] Resurrect 6 Bring your friends back immediately! Cost 70 at Rank 1. Reduce Cost -10 per rank.
[3] Firestorm 8 Unleash a big fiery blast… of FIRE! Cost 30. +10 Multi-target damage per rank.
[4] Ice Storm 10 Snare tragets in a bone-chilling ice storm! Cost 25. +Freeze time per rank.
[5] Drain Life 12 Steal health from your target… for yourself! Cost 30. + Damage / + Health per Rank.
[6] Weakness 14 Reduce enemy damage and chance to hit! Cost 50. -5 Target damage per rank.
[7] Nightmare 16 Reduce enemy hit chance (and armor)! Cost 50. Target hit chance -5 per rank.
[8] Magic Shield 18 Divert incoming damage to your mana pool! Cost 20. 12 sec. duration. + Armor per rank.
[9] Blessing of Vitality 20 Increase party health regeneration. Cost 60. Reduce mana cost per rank.
[10] Blessing of Might 22 Increase your party’s strength and damage! Cost 60. Reduced cost per rank.

Recommended Skill Build:[]

The skill build that mages generally use.

Skill Build

Skills Points
Heal 6
Frostbite 3
Lightning 6
Ressurect 1
Firestorm 6
Icestorm 1
Drain Life 6
Weakness 6
Nightmare 6
Magic Shield 1
Blessing of Vitality 6
Blessing of Might 6