Bosses are enemies that are stronger and have more health than normal enemies. They can be found at least every 2 levels, sometimes with two or three bosses in one level.

Boss ListEdit

NameLevelJob TypeLocation
Meathead1-10WarriorCrypt of the Zombie King
Brom Dandy 1-10 Warrior ?Crypts of dorkwood

Skeller Krusher 1-10 Warrior The Bone King

Name Level Job Type Location Strategy Danger lvl 1-10
Frogmar 30-35 Mage Bye Bayou Must have a group of at least 5 or u will die 10
Lebow 30-35 Archer Hellfire Swamps Soloable with a tank/ really lucky avian 6
Fabio 30-35 Mage Bayou boss Bash The easiest of all the swamp bosses soloable 3
Le Chomp 30-35 Warrior Le Chomp If u target him and manage to get him away he is soloable by tank and bird 5
Goat T Erie 30-35 Warrior Bayou Boss Bash soloable by tank 7
Zeke 30-35 Mage Bayou boss bash
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