The world of pocket legends is massive and so is the list of monsters/enemies that players will encounter. Below monsters are profiled ordered by their appearance in the quest line. A brief description, the style of attack (melee/ranged/magic), and the hazard level are given. Unlike Runescape they are all aggrecive no matter what level you're on.

Zombies (Forest Haven)Edit

Normal ZombieEdit


The Normal Zombie is the first opponent a player will fight. They are weak and slow, and anyone can defeat them. They only become strong if they can suround you.

Attack Style= Melee

Hazard Level= Low

Elite ZombieEdit

Elite Zombies are more powerful than Normal Zombies, and have to be approached more carefully. Their attack and health are upgraded, and they can give new players some trouble. Try not to fight more than one at a time if you are alone.

Attack Style= Melee

Hazard Level= Low


The most powerful zombie, this monster is a boss and like all bosses attacks quickly with high damage. If you are using a long ranged weapon, it is best to run in circles around him while shooting.

Attack Style= Melee along with a major push back attack that makes u barf*

Hazard Level= Medium

  • only the meatheads in forest haven chapter 1 and in the boss guantlet have this ability, others just melee

The Knights of Dorkwood (Dark forest)Edit

Brawler KnightEdit

The Brawler Knight is a knight with no weapons on, and fights with his fists. Not much of a problem.

Attack Style: Melee

Hazard Level: Low

Sword-wielding knightEdit

Fights with a sword and shield.

Ice Monsters (Lost Expedition)Edit

Frozen KnightEdit

Much like the Knights of Dorkwood, but stronger and frozen. Aren't very dangerous, and are laughably easy for a ranged fighter to deal with.

Attack Style: Melee

Hazard: Low

Frozen ArcherEdit

Like the Archers of Dorkwood. They hang back in combat and let Frozen Knights do the dirty work. Don't have very powerful attacks, but can be annoying if they are ignored.

Attack Style: Ranged

Hazard: Low

Ice MageEdit

Mages that have fairly dangerous ice attacks, but with low health. Use some specials or combos on them and they will fall almost as easily as Zombies. Just don't let them attack unstopped.

Attack Style: Magic

Hazard: Medium


Yetis are the main Melee enemies on the later stages of the frost areas. Their attacks are strong, and their health is decent. You will end up killing many of them because they prefer to use an in-your-face fighting style.

Attack Style: Melee

Hazard: Medium

Yeti MageEdit

The most powerful mages in the ice levels, they can be pretty troubling. They don't have the terrible health of the Ice Mages, so can take more punishment. Try to stun them (even of you're not fighting them directly) or defeat them quickly.

Attack Style: Magic

Hazard: Medium

Ice DemonEdit

Ice Demons are the most powerful non-boss enemies in the ice levels. Their attacks are massive, and their health is ridiculous. Never, ever engage one alone. Only a very skilled Mage or Avian could defeat one, and even then not if it was supported by Ice or Yeti Mages. They are like mini-bosses and guard strategic areas, like bridges and treasure chests. Watch out for these, because if you dont youlnbe in some deep trouble especialy if your a low level

Attack Style: Melee

Hazard: High

Crocodiles (Ancient swamp)

croc warrior

croc mage

giagantic croc

the hag

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