Gaming Tips - How To Fight Right!Edit

To get you started on your long journey to maximum level, you will need some advice and knowledge on the the battlefield first. Below are some tips that may(or may not) help you in your conquest. P.S. Feel free to edit this article!


PvP ArenasEdit

In team deathmatch(PvP) arenas are vaguely similar to World of Warcraft’s arena system, players choose sides and battle the other team. The various arenas have different sizes, player limits, and even power-ups. Points are awarded for killing other players, and when the score limit is reached a scoreboard displays showing the match standing.The main important thing to know is that PvPs are NOT the same as Dungeons. If you do not follow these tips, then I can assure you that you will be dead in the first few seconds.Edit

  • ====Get long-range weapons - these weapons are the ones to be used in PvP battles:====

Talons(For All Classes)

Swords and Daggers(Recommended For Archers)

Magic Staffs(For All Classes)

Bows(For All Classes)

Lance(Recommended For Ursans)

  • For an Ursan, make sure that your buffs are at least level twos. You will need them when it comes to melee combat. Evade should be your top priority, though.
  • DO NOT RUSH! If you rush the battle too much, you will either die easily or be booted out of the game. If you see anyone who rushes, kill him. Most likely these rushers are noobs(newbies).
  • For Enchantresses, lash out with a few nukes and Mana Shield yourself immedietly.
  • Always go into battle with an Enchantress by your side. If the Enchantress is clever enough, she will save her Mana for healing you and Mana Shield for herself, that way you won't die so easily.
  • If you're up against higher level players, use bows as your weapon.
  • If you're equipped with talons, make sure that you have a shield or a wing by your side. Talons decrease your armour, so the shields come in pretty good use when in melee.

Note: No Swords or Daggers are to be used by Warriors and Enchantresses! Without long-range skills, the Ursan and the Enchantress will die before their weapons can be used.

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