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It might be a good idea the first few times to have this open in another window so you can refere to it.

The Steps to add weapons and items Pictures of the steps
First we need to find the correct template for the item we are adding so you will either want single weapon or single armour. Once you have opened the template page you will see the screen to the right click on the vew sources button. For this we are going to add a Snipers Bayou Bow so ive chosen the single weapon template.
Once you have clicked on the view sources button you will see a screen the same as to the right dont worry if it looks confusing all you have to do is copy all the text to the clipboard.
Now that you have the template copyed navigate to the page of the item you created when you added it to the list for this the page is called Sniper's Bayou Bow and click on edit page.
Now just right click and paste you should have a screen like the one to the right.
Click on save and you should have a blank template now on your item page. First we will add your image of the item click on add a picture in the box.
Once you've clicked on the box you should get a screen the same as on the right click on browse then select the image from your computer then click on upload.
You should have a screen the same as the one on the right now change the file name to match your page name and select full size then click on insert file.
Your page should have a nice mugshot of yourself, now its time to edit the page and add all the infomation so click on edit page. Delete where it says weapon name and enter the name of the weapon.
The first link we have to add is the type link delete where it says weapon type link and create a link by clicking on the unbroken chain in text appearance box you should have a blank box the same as the one on the right now the link that goes in here is the one that you put the infomation into the list in this case its crossbows.
Now fill in all the other infomation including links like on the list remember things like H/s page name is Health per Second as shown on the right. once you get to required attribute delete the text and just put the abreviated attribute text ie. Dex in this case. Also if you need to know what the sale price of a item is just unequip it to see the price if its unequipt already it should be visable.
Now the bottom boxes is to put how you obtain the item you may not know all the monsters and bosses that drop the item but each box is for one monster type, boss or npc that sells it in this case I know it dropped from Frogmar the Witch and as per the rest of the forms this will be a link to her page if your unsure what a group of monsters is called check out the bestiary. If you need more boxes just right click on the box above where you want your row and select ROW - INSERT ROW AFTER. Also all the dungeons in the game already have pages so link to them.
Once you have filled everything in click on preview and check everything is ok once your happy with it click on save page.
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